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Please make an option to send odesk money to agency contractor through agency profile

Hello, I have a suggestion to improve odesk agency payment. Now we should give payment to agency contractor as a agency owner outside of the oDesk marketplace. But if there had any option to send odesk money/credit to agency freelacer through agency profile, it would be more fair. Just make an option to send money "Agency Administrator to Agency Contractor" without any extra charge. Thanks

bro there is a same problem with me and i dont even know how to get my money from agency profile i don't want to lose what i have earned after hard working.  😞

Just set up a withdrawal method in your agency profile and then withdraw?

yea i am also searching for it butt i am not having any notification bar where i got notifying by upwork to set my payment method and also i cant find where to go to setup agency withdrawl method.



You need to be in your AGENCY profile.


At the top right, click on the circle and choose your agency profile - like this http://prntscr.com/8iq9mp


Once you are in your agency profile go to Settings and choose "Get Paid," "Add a Payment method" and then set up a withdrawal method

thank you so much dear for your guide lines .

IT HElPSSmiley Very Happy

one more think if you can guide.

upwork asks me about payment shedule i did slect twise in a mont and only when i have 100$ or more is it okay?


and can i take my money whenever i want.

Or i will role with payment shedule only?

Hi Muneeb,


I am glad you were able to follow Petra's instructions and set up the payment method. Yes, you can withdraw your available earnings anytime by clicking Get Paid button. Otherwise, you can allow the money to be withdrawn automatically, that's okay as well.

~ Valeria


Actually, you can withdraw.  Select your Agency profile and then Go to Settings. From left side navigation, find Get paid. Here you need to add a payment method even if you already have added it before to your freelancer profile. Once you add payment method, you can wait for 3 days to get it functional and then you can withdraw and have fun 🙂 Woman Happy


But how to send money from Agency account directly to an agency  member? I 

Hi Arthur,


You will need to withdraw the funds from your agency account and distribute them between your agency members as agreed. Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer the money directly to an agency member's account.

~ Valeria
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