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Please tell me some flaws in my profile, which are stopping me to get some work !!


You got it! Anyways , you got the point or not? 🙂

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An important step you can take to make sure you don’t fall to the same pit of most freelancers is to figure out what you’re doing wrong. Start by avoiding these classic mistakes.

1. Waiting For Work To Magically Appear

So you’ve uploaded a cool profile photo, wrote an awesome bio, and completed your profile on the freelance site. All you have to do now is wait for clients to contact you, right?

Wrong.  no one’s going to contact you to offer you their projects on a silver platter.

Solution: Explore the freelance platform for appropriate jobs. Apply as many projects as you can, which are suitable for your skill set. And try sending a personal message to potential clients to tell them about your services.

2. Your Pricing Is Not Right

For some reason, most freelancers seem to think that lowering their price is a good way to win more clients. Clients actually see this as a desperate attempt made by amateur freelancers.

Low prices not only lowers the value you put on your experience but also exhibit low self-esteem.

Solution: Forget about hourly rates. Price per project according to the amount of work and time you have to invest.

3. Too Much Competition

Sites like UpWork were infested with cheap freelancers who compete for low rates. Trying to win on those sites will eventually force you to fall to their level as well.

Solution: ot sure about this thingsince upwrk hardened their system. May be someone can answer better on this.

4. Incomplete Profile

Completing your freelance profile is the first step you take to make money online. This is the page your clients come to learn about your skills and experience.

Sadly, most freelancers don’t even have five minutes to complete this step.

Solution: Complete your profile. Show that you’re a professional.

5. Your Pitch Is Bad

No matter how many projects you apply every day, you will never get accepted if you write a bad pitch. The tiniest grammatical mistake in your pitch could have your clients doubt your abilities.

Solution: This may sound a bit cruel, but there’s no sneaky trick to find how to write a good pitch.

6. Not Showing Genuine Interest

This is a common mistake that part-time freelancers make. They don’t take their freelance work seriously enough since they have a “real” job. So, they apply to projects like they’re trying to do a favor for the client.

Solution: Take your freelance career more seriously. Do what you’re passionate and excited about. Otherwise, get out of this business because you won’t be a successful freelancer. Even I started thinking that either me or upwork are not serious anymore about clients and projects that's why project hiring rate drops dramatically there.

7. Trying To Fool Your Clients

“So, you’re 20-years-old and you already have 10-years of experience as a web designer? That is incredible. Here, please accept our project.” Said no client ever!!

Solution: Clients have experience dealing with freelancers. You can’t fool them. Be realistic and be honest about your experience and skills.

8. Bad Profile Description 9. Too Late to Reply To Client Emails

Solution: UpWork has a cool feature that allows you to enable desktop notifications. Enable that to stay updated. Also enable email notifications on your phone and be ready to reply instantly to your client emails.

10. Not Showcasing Your Work 11. Bad Communication Skills 12. Applying For The Wrong Jobs 13. Trying Too Hard To Make Money

Desperate times call for desperate measures. There will come a time when you have zero cash in your pocket and you feel like applying for any kind of job that appear on your job feed.

It happened to me more than once. Don’t let that happen to you.

Solution: Plan ahead. Even if you have a ton of clients right now, you’ll never know when they might disappear. Always keep a small “rainy day” fund to cover your expenses during those occasions.

14. Asking The Wrong Questions

You can’t understand your client’s needs without asking the right questions. It’s a crucial step you can take to determine the project’s requirements and also show your enthusiasm to your clients.

But, I’m not talking about questions that are in your favor, like how much they’re willing to pay you or if you can take breaks whenever you want.

Solution: Don’t rush to accept projects or propose your prices. If you have any questions, ask them first.

15. Not Promoting Your Services 16. Promising Beyond What You Can Deliver 17. Imitating Someone Else 18. No Follow-Ups 19. Trying To Do All Kinds Of Work 20. Too Busy To Accept Large Projects

Unless you have too much work to handle, you should never say no to an opportunity to make a big pile of money. Doesn’t matter if you’re freelancing part-time or full-time, commit yourself to find time for large projects.

Solution: Treat your freelance work as a business. Keep a schedule to manage your time so that when you receive a new order, you are ready to handle it.

21. Scared To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Freelancing is not the same as doing a desk job. If you’re just looking for job security and a safe way to earn a few bucks, go get a day job.

Freelancing requires commitment and the will to challenge yourself every day to learn new things.

Solution: If a client contacts you for a great job, but too afraid you can’t handle it, just take it. You can learn the necessary skills while working on the job.

Now , please if someone can advice me why my hiring rate suddenly drops since last few months I think clients are either nt interested in hiring and getting their work done
They are more than afraid with the upwork new policies.

Anyways, who knows what's happening there!

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Lol.. very ugly, indeed.

You got it! Anyways , you got the point or not? 🙂

Thanks for taking such a long time to write for me !! Instead of writting short and making joke of me , you wrote real solutions. 

Please can you tell me why ? will be very thankful to you !!

If I have all 21 points Solutions and still I can not get new job then what will be the reason ? 


It is happening with me 😞




Unfortunately it looks like the very first word in your profile is a typo/grammar error (I' am). You might want to clean that up (either- I'm or I am) and then edit/revise your entire profile once more time.

Of course this may not be the sole reason you're struggling to find work, but it cannot possibly be helping.


Work smart, work safe!

If you claiming to be bilingual/ native in English, you must clean up your profile.  Lots of unnecessary capitalizations, I'am, etc.  

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