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Please update Upwork app


I have been using Upwork apps for about 1 year but I am not getting any good results. App UI is very slow. The Upwork app requires high-quality internet speed compared to other apps. and the messaging option is even weaker.

The Upwork team should make the app marketable and usable.

Upwork is a decent international freelancing marketplace, so I think this kind of app doesn't deserve Upwork.


Thank You


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When I go to Upwork message whatever on browser, desktop app, or mobile ( android) it takes time to load.
I just wondered how just a simple message fixture takes too much time. It should be user-friendly.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Md Rasel, 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Upwork Mobile App. Could you please share specific examples of "not getting any good results" on the app? Are you referring to searching for jobs? The jobs showing on "My Feed" are now based on the filters of your Saved Search. This means that when you search for jobs and save them, our system will remember the criteria you've chosen and will try to suggest the nearest jobs you've saved and searched. However, if there is none saved, it will be based on your categories. I highly recommend that you start manually searching and saving jobs from time to time.  However, we would like to set your expectation that the effect will not be immediate as it also takes some time to fetch the results.

As for the messaging feature and the app's UI, could you please share more examples of how it's slow?

~ Avery

Hi Avery,


Here are some problems with the Upwork app.


1. When I open it, I see that the app will open in 4-5 seconds, which is 2-3 seconds more than other apps.


2. Apps seem to be the job feed but to refresh the job feed you have to manually refresh from the top 3 dot icon which is confusing for freelancers. We want to get it by scrolling down from top to bottom.


3. The messaging option is very confusing. It takes a long time to load for the first time.


4. What more can I say about the UI of the app! The UI of the app seems to be a very old design. It is impossible to run without extra internet speed. I also think that a user needs to have strong internet to use the app.


5. It is not possible to give a quick reply to the client message, as it does not provide the real-time notification.


-I think this app is useless as an international marketplace.


Thank You


I notice similar issues with the app (reported last year or was it the year before), and particularly the notifications come too late to be of any actual use and the messages that go missing without a clear indication are particular pain points for me. 


Fortunately, few things in my business depend on the app, so I just work around these issues by not using it. 🤣 The desktop version is more reliable, kudos for that. 👍👍

yes, The desktop version is overall perfect👍

Thank you for sharing this with us, Md Shah, and Md Rasel. 

Could you please confirm if both of you are using an Android phone? If so, could you please ensure that your Android System WebView or Google Chrome on the device are updated? 

~ Avery

Don't use the app.


Problem's solved.

Preston H wrote:

Don't use the app.


Problem's solved.

No, unsolved problem.
There are people who may have no choice but to use the app on occasion.
Upwork has an app, it doesn't work well, they should fix it.
If they don't fix it, remove it.
So yes, the problem would be solved, right?

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Actually, it just puts you on the web, 
This is not an app. Compare with others, like F***rr or Fre*****er, the Upwork app is really wasting our time
1. no real-time notification
2. on scrolling refresh
3. need to  take time to load

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