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Plus membership can be a reason to suspend my account?


I am looking for upgrade my account to plus membership. But I worried about some discussions about upwork suspend accounts due to too many proposals and low hire rate.

if I upgrade to plus membership I think hire rate can be lower than usual.

See my assumption:

- free membership - 30 proposals - 1 hiring - 3.33% hire rate

- plus membership - 70 proposals - 1 hiring - 1.42% hire rate

So plus membership is good or bad?

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Irfan, I think you’re misinformed. A plus membership gives you 10 additional connects, so you can send 35 proposals a month, not 70. Once free connects are eliminated, you will still only receive 70 connects, but that will cost $14.99 instead of the $10 it now costs.
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Thank for the reply,

I usually don't use all connects. I use 30 connects a month or sometimes I don't use any connects in a month. plus membership has rollover upto 140 connects so I get chance to apply 70 jobs. if i am unlucky in a month I use 140 connects didn't get job can be a reason to suspend my account?

correct me if am wrong! 

No one knows how many unsuccessful proposals it takes for Upwork to suspend people, but 70 in one month seems like a lot.

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