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Policies with a focused eye on freelancers

Hi there,
it is a complaint and a question, I have been working on Upwork for many years now and from time to time Upwork sets new polices that ME as a freelancer finds it unfair. When I was on Elance the percent charged from a freelancer was 8% and when Elance rebranded to Upwork the percent increased to be 20% and I'm okay with that. After this, Upwork made the ( free 60 connects bundle ) not for free.and I'm Okay with that too. Then the connects required to submit a proposal was increased to reach in some proposals to 6 connects. I'm finding it hard as a freelancer to withstand this unfair rules and policy changes, I'm very loyal to Upwork and it was my only platform for freelancing for years now .I know the support team have no decision regarding this but I hope my message find its way to decision makers in Upwork . I really love Upwork but Upwork has to focus more on the freelancers and their problems and try to solve them as they are the backbone of the platform. I have a problem for now which relate to the rating policy. I was having a 98% rate on october 2018 and was not available to apply to jobs for a year and when I managed to resume my work I found that my rate lowered to be 92 % on october 2019 and from that time it keeps lowering despite I'm not getting any bad reviews (I'm always having a 5 star rate). I recently finished a task and got 5 stars also but my rate reached 86% . This is truly bad and greatly affects my chances to be hired again. I think that you don't update the rating quickly and it may take months for the rating to be updated but the freelancers are loosing their reputation and chances because of these polices. Afterall, as the freelancer is gaining money, Upwork gains too. Thanks


Hi Ahmed,


Thank you for sharing your feedback. As our platform grows and evolves there are bound to be changes in our product and policies to support that. Regarding your JSS concern,  please note that your Job Success Score has always been calculated on 6-, 12-, and 24 months windows and it is updated every second week on Sunday. That's why the score may change because of older contracts falling off the calculation. Also, note there are many factors that go into your JSS calculation including public and private feedback given when the contract is closed, a pattern of contracts without feedback, etc. To learn more about JSS, please check out this help article.


Thank you,

~ Nikola
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