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Poor Ghostwriting

I hired a freelancer to write a non fiction book. She was contracted to do 30000 words in 30 days. I asked her for weekly updated but this never happened. She was contacted on numerous occassions throughout the time of the contract to send me work according to the contract. She was to be paid after 15000 words but when she sent the work over to me, I never noticed that there were only 11000 words completed. When I contacted her to send me the rest, I never got any more work until the book was finished. She sent the book over and bugged me for a 5 star review and 10 out of 10. I felt pressured as I had not even finished reading and checking the book. She got the review but when I uploaded the complete manuscript on Grammarly, it was only then that i realised how bad this book was. My wife and I spend nearly 2 weeks fixing her mistakes to make the book readable.Chapter 4 was only 2000 words and the conclusion was 400 words. They were 1500 words short of the contracted amount. I contacted her a couple of days ago and informed her of this. She tried telling me that she put the book through grammarly beforer sending it. This could not have been possible as when I put it through grammarly, each chapter had at least 60 mistakes. The worst part of it were the amount of unreadable sentences. Totally impossible to read! How could she say that she ran it through grammarly? She said she will add the 1500 words but it wouldnt be for a week or so. This isnt good enough. I waited nearly 6 weeks for this book, 2 weeks over the contracted time. If she had written the contracted amount of words, i would have been ok with that. I told here i need the work back by Wednesday next week but she says she has other commitments. Where are her commitments to me?


I just want this sorted to enable me to move forward and get my book formatted to go onto KDP. I also wish to remove my review and repost my honest opinion after reading the book a couple of times.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Tom Gair

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You hired only 1 person for this?


That makes no sense.


Why didn't you hire multiple people to do a small section, and then evaluate the work of each of them, and then continue working with the one who was the best fit for your project?


Why did you think that you could hire just a single individul and have that be the best person for the job?

re "Where are her commitments to me?"


Who cares?

If I am the client who hired that freelancer, I have already seen that her work and her workstyle are insufficient for my project's needs, and I have long since lost any interest in her.


re: "I also wish to remove my review and repost my honest opinion after reading the book a couple of times."


You sound like you are focused on that one underperforming freelancer, rather than being focused on yourself and your own project.


I recommend that you put yourself first.


Stop caring about somebody from your past who doesn't deserve your continued attention.

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