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Porfolio issues - no image option

Hi. I started a portfolio for my profile, but there seems to be no option to add an image even though in the FAQs, it says images are possible. I'm a writer and want each thumbnail to be a pdf of my writing. Right now it's just a gray box with the description of the project, which is not at all attractive for potential clients. Every time I try to edit my portfolio, I only have the option to remove the project, not to add any images. Can someone help me figure this out? Or is this image option only available for designers?


Hello Leita,


Can you please check if you are adding portfolio items using the 'Gallery' template on the 'Select template' page. Also, thumbnail images, URL, and/or project files can be attached for clients to view. Images can be in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png format. The minimum dimensions for images are 400px width x 300px height , however 1000px width x 750px height is recommended. Attachments can be in .doc, .swf, or .pdf format. You can refer to help article for more information.


Thank you.

Pradeep H


Thank you Pradeep. That was indeed the issue. Much appreciated.

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