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Portfolio Project Description and Portfolio Item order

Why does Project Description appear only at the very end, after all portfolio items, in the Classic module? In Preview mode the Project Description appears at the top of the Portfolio Item, as it should and where it makes sense. Is there a way to select to place the description at the very top? Furthermore, related to this, there seem to be no way to re-order items within a portfolio item, which I think is a very basic editing feature. Upon a bit of research I've learned that this has been reported and discussed, already years ago and forwarded to the relevant Upwork team. 

Kindly advise how we should go about taking basic control over our portfolio items. Most importantly, I would like to see my Project Description at the top. How can I achieve that?

Thank you very much.


Hi Pieter,


We appreciate your feedback on this matter. As of the moment, there's no option to modify where the project description should appear. I'll make sure to share your feedback with the relevant team for review. 

~ AJ
Community Member

Hi Annie,

Thank you. Project Description at the top, as the default, makes more sense. 

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