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Portfolio project skills selection and display

Portfolio items can only be added via a specialist profile - although the project can later be deselected from specialist profile to show only on general profile - the key issue here is the skills related to that project from the general profile cannot be selected when creating the project - only limited skills from the specialist profile which are not correct.


What is your solution to this?

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HI Marlon,


Adding skills or deliverables to the portfolio item isn't required to publish it. So you should be able to skip that step. That said, could you please share which skills you'd like to see and which Specialty are you trying to add a portfolio item to? 

~ Valeria

I just checked and it looks like the ability to add items to a portfolio is still blocked (unless one creates a specialized profile page).


Is there any news about when this will be fixed?

Hi Preston,


A freelancer won't be able to add a new portfolio item or edit an existing one without adding a Specialized Profile by design and I'm not aware of any plans to change that. We are encouraging freelancers to create Specialized profiles. Specialized profiles allow freelancers to better describe the work they do and showcase their skills, portfolio items and previous work experience in a format that helps clients find best freelancers for their specific projects. 

~ Valeria
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