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Portfolio thumbnail image replacing my Project image

Why is my portfolio thumbnail images also showing up as my project image?
I have two projects that this has happened to out of three uploaded.
The one that actually worked has the same file formats and sizes uploaded. 

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Hello Kimberly,


Have you tried clearing cache and cookies? Or tried using a different browser? I just checked your account and your portfolios seem to be working fine. Please read this article for more information about profile portfolios. Thank you.



I suggest You Clear your cache and cookies. I fell the same problem. when I clear my cache and cookies than its back again position.  

Thanks, Ryan!

I've tried a different browser and cleared my cache and reopened the browser yet I'm still seeing the same issue. 

It shows in my portfolio as if it's the project instead of showing the actual artwork (the artwork comes up as a pdf file to download)

Please see attached screenshots and let me know if this is what you see. 

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