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Diogo S Member Since: Mar 22, 2017
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Another Portuguese here, from Lisbon. Smiley Happy

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Eduardo A Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hey another Portuguese from Braga Smiley Very Happy.


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Helga L Member Since: Jun 28, 2017
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Hey! Another "bracarense" here! Cheers! Smiley Happy

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi All,


Just a quick reminder that posting in languages other than English isn't allowed by the Community Guidelines.



~ Valeria
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Joana O Member Since: Jul 15, 2015
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I'm from Lisbon!

I was wondering if anyone here reports there income to the "finanças" and how do you do it? I am trying to do things right but it's not easy Smiley Wink

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Huzaifa A Member Since: Dec 12, 2015
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Not Portuguese but currently living in Lisboa ❤️😊
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Chiara S Member Since: Jul 25, 2017
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Hi guys, I’m new to Upwork and I’m trying to figure out how to invoice my clients.

My accountant says that if Upwork invoices my clients for the total amount they have paid, I’m supposed to send an invoice to Upwork for the sum I’ve  actually received, without considering the 20% fee.

Anyone from Portugal who can confirm this?

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Bruno C Member Since: Feb 14, 2017
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Hey guys!


Yeah, I also need help on this. I think I've been doing it wrong and need to know how you guys are reporting your taxes, and when, since this is not a "normal" way to work for freelancers, and with all the "forms" on the site, I'm kind of lost.



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Krystel L Member Since: Mar 1, 2017
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As a freelancer with activity open in Portugal, I'm doing this for the past 2 years (without any problem and after talking to 3 different local accountants):

I have my professional VAT number associated to my Upwork Account. I invoice (recibo verde eletronico) the full payment that client pays (fees included) on my "Portal das Finanças". Then, I declare the Upwork fees as expenses of my professional activity (with that, I don't pay taxes on the whole amount).


The invoice needs to be done for the client (not to Upwork, because Upwork is not our client, but the service provider). We need to issue our invoices to our clients. And the invoices need to show the same amount as the invoices Upwork issued (available at Settings > Get Paid > View Payments / Transaction History).

More about our taxes in Portugal:

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Bruno C Member Since: Feb 14, 2017
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Hi Krystel


Thank you for your reply.


How about the VAT payments? I know it depends on how much you earned the year before, but below 10k€ I don't have to pay VAT, correct?


Regardind the Social Security payments, they have to be made every month, right?


Thanks for your help