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Possible identity theft?

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Benoit C Member Since: Sep 26, 2017
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I was contacted by one **Edited for Community Guidelines**, supposedly from Norway, regarding an English to French translation. He said his "partner" would contact me through Skype.


Sure enough, a few days later I was contacted by one **Edited for Community Guidelines** who explained that the work was related to some business documents, and that a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) had to be signed by me.


**Edited for Community Guidelines** requested pictures of my ID (passport + driver's licence) which, for some reason, had to be snapped by phone. A PDF scan would not do the job, for whatever reason.


Oh, and **Edited for Community Guidelines** wanted a selfie of me as well, presumably to prove I was not using someone else's ID.


My last contact with **Edited for Community Guidelines** was in the evening of 25 September 2017. I have not from him since.


**Edited for Community Guidelines** was extremely fussy and obnoxious with his "ID requirements" and for now seems to have broken contact.


His "company" website is supposedly **Edited for Community Guidelines**


This could be an identity theft scam; best case scenario, **Edited for Community Guidelines** Avoid him.





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Randall S Member Since: Mar 20, 2017
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Yeah, pretty much any time they ask you for that information, it's a scam. I get emails like that all the time, usually from other job sites (indeed, monster, etc... I really need to pull my resume down). 


I never agree to off-site contact without a contract and money in escrow. Used to, but every last one of 'em was dirty. Just don't do it. 

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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lol someone is scamming people to sell Upwork profiles. 



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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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My question to you is, Did you give him all that he wanted (picture, drivers license, passport info etc?)

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Benoit,


I checked and both the job and the client's account you are referring to have been closed for violating Upwork ToS. Check out this post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs in the future.

~ Valeria
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Wolfram A Member Since: Sep 27, 2017
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The same person contacted me today, with the same requests. I havent been contacted on skype yet, but after reading this i will just block him. It seems that his account is still open, as he contacted me today.

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Aaron Luigi L Member Since: Dec 28, 2014
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Hi Wolfram,


Thanks for sharing this to us, we'll take another look into this client's account to make sure necessary action has been taken. Thanks, again.

- Aaron
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Nicole I Member Since: May 19, 2019
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Hi. This exact situation just happened to me a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, I was not diligent enough to research before I provided him my driver's license. Would you be able to help me mitigate the situation? What can I do? Thanks.

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Nicole, 


I'm sorry to learn about your experience with this client. If you haven't already, please flag the job post as inapporpriate, or file a ticket with a screen grab where the client asked for your ID so that the team can review, and take the necessary actions. 

We usually recommend users not to meet requests for personal information. Clients normally don't need this information and you can direct them to your Upwork profile if they need more information about you. 


I would recommend that you read up on these freelancer resources and these tips for avoiding questionable jobs, for help getting started, and for more information about working safely through Upwork.

~ Avery