Possible scam?

I was accepted to a project that wanted hourly rates on the proposal, but when I got the message to join, the info for the job says instead it's paid so much per entries, and that I have to download his own job tracker, not using the upwork one.


He also offers to pay direct and bypassing upwork.  




I'd rather think that it's a test, Timothy.  If you receive the payment outside the platform you will be charged with circumvention.  It is always best to start working when a contract is in place.  Upwork has its own time tracker.  There is no need for another app.

It sounds like a scam to me.

Actually, it sounds like the CAPTCHA entry scam, which never actually pays anybody any money.

Yep, on a whim I downloaded the software and ran it inside of a virtual machine sandbox. It is indeed a captcha entry scam.  How do I report the client?

If you click through to the original job post, you find a "Flag as Inappropriate" button on the upper right of the page.


In addition, I'd open a ticket through "Help and Support" (found in the drop down menu when you click the "?" at the top of any page) and attach screen shots of your conversation with this person.

Hi Timothy,


Please take screenshots of your conversation and report this client directly to Support. Make sure not to start working unless you have an active contract on Upwork, use Upwork Protection Programs and only accept to get paid through the platform.

To help you work safely on Upwork, please have a look at tips and warning signs shared in this thread and our Trust & Safety FAQ.



It's a scam.


Save your sanity and your account and stop communicating with this "client".  It wouldn't hurt to report the job posting to customer service, as well.

Besides what everyone else wrote, don't download anything from this 'client' -- there's a distinct possiibility it's malware.

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Yeah I've already decided to decline the offer.


Thanks everyone!