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Possible to revoke authorization to modify feedback?

Hi, I have a completely unhinged rager as a client who said he wanted A, it was an hourly contract, I delivered A ("excellent" - his words), and then he said he really also wanted B, but I should deliver B with the timer off (unpaid work). In his mind, B should always and automatically included in A, though they are two completely different APIs and B wasn't mentioned at or near contract inception.

Been abusing me verbally ever since in the chat, and wrote a discombobulated rant as a "review" where he's unloading on me for his family problems with increasingly erratic rage attacks.

Anyway, he calmed down enough to say, OK, how much would it cost to implmement B? He also asked me for a link to edit his feedback about me, as a hint hint, wink wink, saying basically, "if I get B after all, at the price I am willing to pay for B, I will revise my feedback to be positive".

I fell for this horse trade but came to regret it, as he's now editing his prior review with increasingly unhinged diatribes, and is lowering my client recomendation score on every edit, rather than raising it.

My question is, can I stop this cycle and revoke his authority to keep editing my review depending on how his personal life is going that day?

P.S. also some phrases in there are outright personal character attacks on me -- can I ask someone at Upwork to review that with me, to see if this crosses the line over to "inappropriate" feedback? Thanks again!


Hi Jorg,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Please send me a PM with more information including the contract ID so I can check. You can PM by clicking on my name. 

~ Joanne
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