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Posting for my friend, he can't post here, he can't get his account verified and is owed by Upwork.

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Eduardo W Member Since: Apr 15, 2019
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As title explains, I'm posting this for my friend (profile **edited for Community Guidelines**). 


"Well, I applied myself to Upwork, you didn't accept me, you said my skills weren't of use here. 

Well, I got a job here, a long term one, I worked the whole month, I got paid for it, I earned it! You even took your 20% cut from my payment. Well, fair enough I guess, at least I'm getting paid, right?

Well (again, of course), no, not really, and why is that? Simply put, you need to verify that I am who I say I am on my account information. So what do I do? I take a photo of my brazilian government ID, I send it, I do the video chat, everything's working fine, I guess. Except no, it's not working, not even close.

Well, you see, I thought to myself: "hey, maybe I can request the platform's staff to take a look at my documentation and see if we can make it work, right?". So I go to the support page, explain everything there, attach both front and back photos of my ID and "bam", I get an instant reply saying that my profile won't be accepted due to my skills and yada yada. Did I ask to get my profile accept, no, I guess not, well actualy, I'm certain that's not what I asked, so what do I do? I reply the e-mail, explaining with even more details, attaching the photos again and to my surprise: another instant reply, the same one.


Ok, third time is a charm, right? Let's try something different now, let me check my support ID 26465937 and see if there's a way to type a reply in there. Well, there is! Awesome, this time they'll see it! Except no, they won't, because guess what? The most amazing freelancing platform out there, the one that cares so much about its clients and freelancers, they don't even check your request, they don't seem to care about it (altough they certainly care about their cuts).

So this is my last try to get this working, my last try to continue with this client, helping him with his project and in exchange getting paid for my work. Please Upwork staff, would you be kind enough to actually check my ID photos and get my account verified? Oh, and by the way, before you deny it because there's no address on it, know that absolutely no government issued document ID in my country has that information, ok?

Talisson **edited for Community Guidelines**, a simple freelancer trying to get paid for what I'm owed."

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Eduardo, 

I understand how this can be very frustrating for your friend. While I'm unable to discuss his account in detail to you for privacy reasons, your friend can refer to the latest email which was sent to him through his support ticket. If he needs further help, he can follow up on the same ticket thread and the team handling his case will assist him further.

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Eduardo W Member Since: Apr 15, 2019
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Thank you Avery, that is all he asked for, to be able to contact a human and get an answer. I really appreciate your help.