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Potential Bug / Exploit for Clients

I came across an odd case these days that is worth informing the community and the fellow freelancers. It goes like that:

I had a client with a project that I closed. I worked about 10 hours within the weekly limits. Once I closed it, the client set the weekly limit to 0. The intersting thing is that these hours are supposed to safe (Hourly protection) when the are tracked. Guess what, the client now doesn't have to pay what is already completed. I don't think that policy is right because imagine if a freelancer works for 40 hours? I was not informed in any way, nor could contest. 
Do you think that is a good practise?

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Hmmm, you might have not have understood how Hourly Payment protection works.  Seems that it might be the payment method of your client got declined so they will be checking the hours logged from the previous week.  If all the hours that you have logged has met all the requirements, then you will still get paid for those hours that you have worked.



Hope you are right. But still the hours disappeared from the Reports and are shown as Overtime. To me that is not supposed to be like that if they are already tracked. Not to mention that I have to be informed about that.

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It is fresh backdoor. An year ago one client set 0 limit (not to scam me, a newbie paused works in this way) but all accounted time was handled as expected. New limit was applied from next week.

Thans for sharing. I saw same issue from other FL within month but was unsure is it site failure or onetime bug. Look like it isnt a single case.

As far as I know it is not a bug but a feature wherein the client can set 0 hours and pause the contract so that Freelancer's cant log any hours if there is no pending work required.  This helps the Client for not closing the contract in case he will need the freelancer again for future work.

Pause is default option. You cannot register any additional time until unpaused, dont matter what limits set. It works as expected.

Nestor said about 0 limit applied right now and affect time already accounted but must be applied only from next week.

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