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Potential SCAM for illustrators

Hello there, I wanted to share with you a potential scam I dodged few days ago.

A client on Upwork asked me to do some illustrations for a online casino located in Poland.
He sent me the renderings to redraw, the references , the NDA  etc.   Long story short after a while he told me want to pay me in bitcoin, through a website named rasebit

Of course I did some check on this website and I declined any offers. Anyway I wanted to alert you fellow illustrators. 🙂

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Hi Chiara - Glad that you figured out that it is a Scam... Please note that even if he offered to pay you in cash or using any trusted website, you shouldn't accept. Otherwise, you'd take the risk of having your account suspended for violating the TOS.

Also, this is advice for any freelancer not only illustrators.

Wish you a good day! 

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Thank you for your report.


But for future reference:


You don't need to check a client's website.


If a client is not hiring you using an official Upwork contract, then you don't work for them.


If a client offers to pay you outside of the platform, then you don't work for them.


It does not matter if it is a "scam" or not.


Even if the client is "100% honest," it is a serious violation of Upwork TOS.

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I knew that, thank you.
I'm not active on this community  (and I intend to change it) but I work on Upwork from many years (since it was O-desk) and I'm familiar with its rules.
I was not intended to be paid outside Upwork but since something was off in this proposal I wanted to see what clients intentions were. Bad intentions, I know that now. 
Thank you for your replies, I'll try to be much more careful in the future

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I beleive this is the job posting of tha t**Edited for Community Guidelines** scam for illustrators.
**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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I almost fell for it🙁

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