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Potential client asking if I have Amazon account?

Hello - I'm pretty new to Upwork and trying to figure out is this job is a scam. I applied to a post for beta reading/developmental editing. The prospective client messaged me to let me know I would need an Amazon account. I told them I do have one at which point I was expecting an explanation of the job, but they are requesting a call. This feels fishy to me (why would I need an amazon account to do this job?). In case it's legit I don't want to immediately flag but figured I'd come here first to ask is there is any legitimate reason this would be asked if a freelancer. 

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No you dont need any account other then Upwork. if there is any need to work on any other plateform then the client should provide. its ok they make a call using zoom on upwork for interview purpose / job instructions. As a new freelancer here you should know that you have almost all the tools you need to conduct your freelance business here. And upwork is littered with scammers nowadays.

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Sounds like a scam, never use any of your accounts.

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The only thing I can think is that the client has books/material on Amazon that they want proofread or edited.


I get free download credits (or whatever they're called) from Amazon's bookstore occasionally, but I never use them and I'm not exactly sure how the Kindle app works. If I'm not mistaken, you need an Amazon account to use Kindle and/or to download books that can be viewed through the Kindle app.


None of this means it isn't a scam, though.


I would probably take the call via Upwork to see what they're talking about. If it still sounds fishy, I would ignore them.

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Stop communicating with this person. It's a scam.


As Samer said, never share any account with a client.


Read this excellent advice on scams.

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The best case scenario is that they are looking to pay you for reviews (a TOS violation). The worse possibilities will lose you your Amazon account and potentially money as well.

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