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Potential long-term problem with the spammers

We all know there is gazillion posts and topics about the recent spam job offers on Upwork, but I couldn't help creating another one.

Trully hoping that this post will reach to someone higher in the company (at least the last few lines of the post), maybe that's when Upwork would finally put their thinking caps and start solving it.


The problem with these spam messages is much bigger than we think, or even worse, much bigger than even Upwork thinks.


A lot of honest, innocent and NEW freelancers are joining the platform every day, and they are easily targeted by these spam offers, because they are more likely to accept any job, just to get some 5 star ratings on their profile.


The problem gets even bigger when you think long-term.


PROBLEM 1: The new freelancers that joined Upwork recently and get scammed - they are less likely to trust Upwork as a platform, and search for alternatives.

RESULT: Upwork loses new freelancers to other platforms.


PROBLEM 2: The experienced freelancers that have been using the platform for a long time, are obviously frustrated, and they are more likely to start looking for alternative platforms with less scammers.

RESULT: Upwork loses experienced freelancers to other platforms.


PROBLEM 3. The companies/people that actually post real jobs and really need help from freelancers, will be getting less proposals and less quality offers to their job posts, because nobody can find real jobs on Upwork anymore. I personally scrolled through the first 4 pages today - and I think I found 1 maybe 2 jobs that could be potentially from real company.

RESULT: Upwork loses customers, companies and other members that have spent hundreds, or even millions of dollars through their platform.


To sum it up, I've seen smart suggestions on how Upwork can filter these spams, I've seen potential Chrome Extensions that could help this problem. There are many many people working hard and trying to fix a problem that is not even theirs. It's Upwork that needs to fix this. 

Unfortunately, while people are spending time to write their suggestions, create scripts to filter these spams, waste time to flag and report each fake post, Upwork on the other hand is not doing anything to accept some of this suggestions, and that's the most concerning part.


Lastly, what I think is also a bit concerning, is the fact that Upwork doesn't treat freelancer and business profile with equality.


For example:

- Experienced freelancer, 5-10 years working through Upwork, $200,000+ of earnings through the platform, wants to post a Project. That project will have to be submitted for review, wait 3-5 days for the project to be reviewed, adjusted and finally approved by Upwork, so the freelancer can have it on their profile. Even tho the freelancer worked for 10 years on the same type of projects, and has thousands of 5 star reviews from happy clients, Upwork will still check, review, and then approve the project to go "Public'.


- On the other hand, brand new "company/business account" is created, without verified payment method, without a photo on the profile, without asking for absolutely any type of verification,  that company account can immediately post any job offer they want, containing any words they want, including actual phone numbers in the job post.


There will always be companies needing freelancers, there will always be freelancers willing to help companies, and there will always be platforms where this exchange can take place. More and more people are joining the "freelance community", more and more people are starting to work from home, and this number will only increase in the future.


If Upwork wants to remain the #1 platform for this, they need to make it a priority to fix this problem, not so much for the freelancers, but also for them as a company.


Nokia was the best selling phone in early 2000s - but then iPhone showed up.

Blackberry held almost 50% of the phone market in America and 20% in the World - now they have 0%.


Dear Upwork, it's XXI century - it's not enough to be the best, you have to keep evolving to remain the best.



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Great post. Thank you. Hope it helps.

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I have made many of the exact same points many times.  What's going on right now is simply a Failed Business Model waiting to happen.



When you fail to adapt your business practices to current needs, concerns, and trends, you automatically make your business obsolete.    Most businesses don't just "go out of business". They put themselves out of business. Competing platforms don't have to do a thing right now, except sit back....and wait.  Don't believe me:  


Has anybody been in a Blockbuster Video, RadioShack, or Border's Book store or used a Polaroid camera lately?  They ignored  trends and repeated suggestions for improvements/modernizations too. I wonder how that turned out. 🤔



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The one that gets me is the Whatsapp with phone number attached to it. This is

a definite scam. I saw almost 2 pages of this. Why doesn't upwork put a stop to

a obivous faked job. It's discouraging and and taking over this platform.

They will not say why, although they have been asked many times.

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