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Potential scam..? please let me know what you think

hi everyone, I recently have been talking to a cilent and they finally offered me a contract today but for some reason the contract was sent through a different message tab. Now, I have two message tabs from the same person (same name), one from our initial discussion and one with just the offer. Even more, when I looked at the two profiles, one account was created a day after the other. Is this some sort of elaborate scam? The cilent also did not have the best grammar and was overly insistent about the job. Thanks.

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I don't know if you are dealing with a scammer or not, but I can tell you a few things:


If you mean two different "conversations" (message tabs) in the Upwork Messages tool?

Yes, that is completely normal. Don't worry about it.


The way the Messages tool works when contracts are offered IS a little messy. It creates a new message tab every time a contract offer sent, distinct from the message tab that was being used during the "interview" period.


It IS possible for a client to work with other team members, including people who do hiring and project management. That is fine.


What if a client has less-than-perfect English or grammar?

I don't care.

Lots of people with money don't have perfect English grammar skills.


A new account?
Lots of my clients are brand new. Lots of them have a lot of money to spend.

Maybe this client is a scammer.

Or maybe he is not.


But you haven't told us anything determinative.

Hi Preston, thanks for the quick response. I'm glad to hear that the two seperate message tabs isn't anything to be concerned about.That was what I was worried about the most.

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