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Praise and Complaint

Hi Community Members,


Before I start griping I want to thank UW for finally allowing more than one sample upload.  Now I don't have to explain to clients why they don't see more of a range of my work related to their project.  Thanks UW!


Here is my complaint.  I have $10.00 subscription membership and what is bugging me is that UW subtracts the subscription fee as part of the entire project fee.  I don't understand this.  Does it cost them more money to debit my bank account than to debit $10.00 from my total job fee?  It makes it look as if I made less money, which is a bummer, even though it evens out that my bank account is not being charged that month.  But because of the screwy policy I still ran short of the entire fee (under $1.00).  I know it's peanuts, but still, it's the psychological impact of it.


And while I'm on here I've noticed that the 20% new fee has not kicked in.  What's up with that?  Not that I welcome it.  I guess they're a little late and will slam me in July with it.  But I don't intend to pay it.   


I don't know anything about subscription fees, but the rate hike takes effect later this month--I believe June 21. It's not late; they'd never specified a date until about a week ago, when we were advised of that date.

You only pay a monthly fee for the plus membership.


The Upwork fee of 10% (soon to be 20% depending on the circumstances) is taken  from every project you complete. I am sure Upwork does not substract an addditonal $10 (membership fee) on every one of your transactions?

I believe her complaint is that the membership fee is deducted from her earnings, thus showing a lower earnings amount, rather than being zapped from her bank account.

That's right.

No not on every one.

Hmm, didn't hear about it.  Can't wait until June 21st HHAHAHAH.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Patricia,


The payment for the Membership is charged to your Upwork balance as long as you have available funds on it. If there are no available funds, the billing method you selected will be charged.


You can check the timeline for the rollout of the new pricing here.

~ Valeria