Preferred Qualifications

Dear All,

I would like to start a new post to discuss about “Preferred Qualifications” required by the new, or clients that haven’t made any hiring yet.

I have already submitted a request to the Upwork help center, got some answers, and, as they advised me I’m voicing my thoughts with you colleagues in order to improve Upwork platform.

Below you can find my suggestion regarding the possibility that a new client or a client that haven’t made any hiring yet should not be available to them from the beginning.


(Please see attachment)


“The client can access, because he is the one who posted the job, That's the reason why eventhough he has 0% hire rate and check boxes with preferred qualifications because he is the one who posted the job.”

“Let me put it this way, for us, freelancer’s, we have limited options, and when we submit a proposal the site warn us regarding client requests and that he might ignore our proposal. In this case it seems more fair and logical that the “preferred qualifications“ fields to become available after the client has proven that:

- the job he posted is real;

- he will pay if/after he hires someone for the job;

- the job requires the check boxes (abilities needed to complete the job are above average knowledge); *

- he is a reliable client.

Even he is the one posting the job that does not mean that he should have access to all facilities from the beginning, should be earned, in time after a number of posted jobs ended in hiring freelancers and/or a certain amount spent within the Upwork platform.

* After a while of performing on platform and proven the above items then we can relay that when he is posting a job, if, that job requires certain abilities he will check the required boxes correctly. For example in the previously attached file he said that is “short & simple brochure” fact that is in opposition with “Rising Talent”.


“Thank you for sharing your thoughts to us Marian. That's actually a nice input,Thank you for sharing this wonderful thoughts , I will forward this suggestion to our Engineering team to share this concern…”


I would like to know your point of view regarding the above mentioned items and please notice that the posted job taken as an example was randomly chosen.


Thank you,



Welcome Marian on Upwork enjoys your stay Smiley LOL. Upwork is not going to take any action against these culprits. Just don't bid on such job posts.


lol no, that's a terrible idea.


Hi Marian,


you want a client who is using upwork for the first time for his first project to hire someone who is not even qualified enough for the the job.


If i am a client and I am paying someone to do my project I should have complete right to set preferred Qualifications or any thing that will help find the right freelancer for my project.


Hi Mahesh

Yes, you have a point but, just because a Freelancer doesn’t meet some qualifications that doesn’t mean that he will not complete the required task.

Even if you “as a client” who just signed up and posted a job are the one paying for it because you’re at the beginning you should filter your proposal and choose the right candidate for the posted job. Then in time, if you have proven you’re reliable, the platform will give you the opportunity to automatically filter the proposals.

More surprising is the fact that I so posts where a client was asking for a simple think but he checked those qualifications as required for a candidate. Are you sure they know how to properly use them, especially in the beginning?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Marian,


On Upwork clients are free to specify their preferences for freelancers they plan on hiring. You can still apply even if you don't meet those preferences. However, that unformation can help you select projects you have skills and experienceto complete.

~ Valeria

The original poster's suggestion has the singular virtue of having never been suggested before.


By extension, the fact that this this will probably never be suggested again makes the suggestion even more "virtuous."


That’s it? No more thoughts? Anyone!

When biding I saw from few candidates to more the 100 for a job post but here I can count us by my one hand fingers. O wait they took that out too, now you have to pay to see the biding range.

I have other topics that I want to bring in for discussion but in order to be able to handle all my activities I belief I will open one topic per week. All subjects are in the common interest for all of us.


I would like to remember you that we are the ones partially “sponsoring” the platform and just because some things are, let’s say like this at this moment, it does not mean that this is how they are supposed to be, remain, or this is the correct way. Since we pay 10% from our earnings, I belief that we have a saying in the functionality of the Upwork platform.


Partially excerpt from the Upwork booklet

“Upwork charges a 10% service fee for each payment we process, which is generally paid by the freelancer. For example, if you agree to perform a project for $200, you’ll receive $180, and Upwork will receive $20. …This fee allows us to create the latest technology and services, from matching you with ideal clients to collaborating, communicating, getting paid and payment protection.”





What is the purpose of preventing new job posters from using these filters?

Hello Heaven,


All the information can be found in the initially post but I will briefly summarize them here.

As a new client or a client that haven’t made any hiring yet you need to prove that the posted job is real, you will hire someone to do the job, you will pay for the job and last but not least you really understand the significance of the qualifications checked.

I don’t want to go deeper but I saw posts where it was required just a simple think, (I can bring screenshots if required, but I belief everyone is getting the picture), then on that post was no other activity, nothing, no hiring, but he required “Rising Talent, Job success 90%,” and so on.

In conclusion I can’t trust you “the new client” so if I’m sponsoring 20% from my incoming to the Upwork platform I don’t want you to have access to all facilities from the beginning, you will have to earn them.






I didn’t know that for some “slight adjustments” I need to have perfect grammar, or to be a “Rising Talent”. Does people even know what a Rising Talent really is/means, and here I not talking about Upwork definition.

So you want new job posters to prove that they intend to hire, yet you want to take away one of the tools that helps them to hire?


How can anyone verify that job posters understand the qualifications, especially if they aren't allowed to use the qualification filters?

I don’t want to take away “these tools” I just want to let them to look through the entire proposal in the beginning until a proposal is fitting job request (manually select). More “these tools” does not help them to hire just helps them to filter some of the proposal received. From the above we can see that the platform does not help freelancers, especially the ones without hours, rising talent, etc.   

No one can verify that especially in the beginning, that’s why, as we have posts where no qualification is required from new clients or clients with a history behind, “these tools” should not be available in the beginning.


If a new client weren't able to specify what he/she was looking for and so couldn't find the right freelancer, why would that client ever come back?

First of all a new client is not aware of “those tools” so he will just post his job and chose from the candidates the most promising one. Since everybody is building a reputation I would say that every candidate will complete the required task if chosen. And then, in time the client will be reworded for his activities on the platform by enabling “these tools”.


Hi Everyone,


I was hoping to see a greater participation especially from freelancers who are just getting started online. As mentioned somewhere within this post I’m planning to start another one next week but I shall visit this one from time to time for the next couple of weeks.


Now, I saved one last piece of puzzle for this post that will bring peace for those who tried to fight my proposal to the Upwork platform in hiding “those tools” for a new client or a client that did not performed several activities yet.


As will all know Upwork platform is dividing freelancers in three categories according to experience level in “Entry level”, “Intermediate” and “Expert”. Same specification can be also performed by a client when is posting a job. So a new client or a client that haven’t yet performed any activity on the platform can still sort received proposals using this available filter.


In the ending of my first post I would like to thank you:

  • Thank you “Muhammad I” for welcome me, probable I won’t apply on new clients;
  • Dear “Jennifer M” regarding your first post I’m sorry to let you know that we are not on IMS. As for the second post “a photo = 1000 words” but we are not on Facebook either.
  • Thank you “Mahesh A”, as you can see above I still have left a gate open.
  • Thank you “Valeria K”, as also mentioned in the beginning clients don’t know how to use all the site facilities, that’s why is better to deliver them in steps, as rewording. Maybe a brochure where each “Qualification” is explained will be helpful.
  • Thank you “Preston H”, exactly, was never discuss this way before, even probable no one will do anything about it, at least I’ve spoken my thoughts.
  • For “Heaven H”, no other comment.
  • For “Tiffany S”, a new client will find the right freelancer if he/she really wants that and he/she will definitely come back.

King Regards,


This is a rather muddly thread, but I think that, given the quality of some RFPs and the astonishing lack of job descriptions that are posted daily, there are many new (and sometimes not so new) 'clients' who  haven't the faintest idea what exactly they are looking for.


The more elusive experienced clients - new or not - do know what they are looking for and sometimes with these, matches are made in heaven, well - anyway - on the same cloud level. 


Perhaps RFPs should be classified  - low price, bad grammar, spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences, scrappy job descriptions, demands in capital letters etc.,  could all be judged (officially) and entered at the lowest level.  😉