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Prepayment on hourly based work

One of my clients from outside did a prepayment for the work on upwork. he has set the hourly based payment. I have got notified by upwork that he has deposited the payment. it shows pending to me. 

My question is 
1. Do i get payed as per the hourly i work and log in the system?
2. can he retake/cancel the bonus from his side? 

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It shows as a bonus payment to me in upwork.


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1 Security hold 5 days for bonuses. It is separate than hourly.

2 No protection for that. If client wont pay then you will get nothing.

Your profile say "scam me please!" so be careful if you dont know this client.

I understand if i start loging the time in timesheet then also i might got get paid for that ?


For tracked time - yes. Payment protection will cover this if you will track time within rules.


But if it is good client then you will be paid for tracked time + this bonus you already received.

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I will have to rethink about the bonus now as it takes 5 days to get deposit to me so. and in middle client can retake it anytime. 


Hi Ben,


I checked your account and I do not see any active contract or messages with a client on your Upwork account. Could you please clarify if you are referring to the same account you are posting from or if this is related to a different account?


- Pradeep


It is on my different account. 

can you connect with in private so i can give you all the details ?

Thanks for clarifying that, Ben. Could you please click on my name above this post and send me a private message with the registered email address for the other account? 


- Pradeep


I did please check

Pradeep H 
can you please check. 

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