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Prevent auto-ChatGPT responses to job posts - suggestion for Upwork

I have always been perplexed by how many job posts obtain dozens of responses within even less than a minute or two of being posted. I believe I have a clear answer now. It is now obvious (to me) that these "proposals" have been generated by ChatGPT (or other such AI software) & combining this with some sort of Upwork API allows folks who probably don't even understand English to post responses to job postings in no time. People who rely on this are playing the numbers game - even if a reasonable fraction of these proposals work, then they are in good shape. It is possible that (English-speaking) humans only get involved when clients actually respond to the auto-generated proposals. These response-bot posters are the early adopters of ChatGPT/AI. 
To make the whole bidding process meaningful, Upwork should fight this. One way to do this is to convert the text-based job post into a human-only readable image. That way it at least makes the automating of responses harder by several notches. While eventually the bot creators will come up with a solution, Upwork should stay ahead in this game and continue to make automating responses harder. 
I understand that Upwork posts this text to search engines as well - but they could do this, say after a couple of days the job post has been live and has not been filled. Why should search engines get priority for job posts made on Upwork ? It should serve the registered freelancers first.
Hopefully Upwork takes this suggestion on board and implements this asap. Otherwise, the serious degradation of Upwork is bound to continue.


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I can definitely undersand your frustration here. As a fellow freelancer always looking for an edge, who has to write many proposals, while also somehow keeping them all relivant and timely, and personal, while at the same time having to balance the investment of my time, I'll admit that this is an area of struggle and intense thought for me. Clearly we all have the need to systemize our proposal pipeline to some extent. There's various methods and approaches I've tried that range from highly personalized responses, to canned language, to on occassion relying on ChatGPT to help craft proposal letters. I've always held back from full automation, and opted for a more personal touch, but the idea has often been tempting.

One method I've been adopting that has helped me generate more responses has been making sure that I take care to restate the request at the opening of my proposal, and also write highly spesific point by point promises of what services the client will recieve if they select me. This should be highly relivant them, and not replicable with AI if done properly.

I guess I've tried to see the opportunity in this. The client is going to be ovewhelmed with spam. The whole world is going to be drowned in throwaway language cooked up by AI. So anythign that connects on a human level, and lets the client know that you're really truly paying attention should shine through.

At least that's my hope!
Kind regards, and I hope my comments find you well and and inspire you to keep on winning.

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 It is now obvious (to me) that these "proposals" have been generated by 

The first threads in the client forum about this (yes, the clients are complaining) started around 6 months ago, I believe.



Upwork should fight this. One way to do this is to

Why do they need to? There are also many threads discussing about how Upwork finally made some net profit only recently after making "some changes" (one of which was opening the entrance gate entirely, where the bots are just one way for the bazillion freelancers to compete). They will not back into a 'high quality freelance marketplace' where freelancers and clients are happy if it means they need to go back to their monhts of losses.



They have all the rights to make some profits after nearly a decade of losses. So the advice is, don't depend on this site, don't get caught in their game, wait if a saturation point (where the bazilion freelancers will no longer spend money as they only find nothing, as good clients are all leave because they only find disappointments) can be reached, or not, and see again where to go from there.




Look at the blog, and look at the whiners in this forum 😁


I'm not trying to offend anyone, in fact I'm trying to open your eyes that it's all intentionally done by Upwork. Don't get caught in their gameThe blog is full of **bleep** and AI generated text I know, there was even a discussion here about obvious lies posted in one of the blog entry, but it works!



Memberbase is one important aspect of any internet business. When Upwork has numerous memberbase, it's dumb if they don't "use" it, as the memberbase will only generate extra cost. Servers that still run when accessed by hundreds of people at the same time are not cheap, not to mention support etc. costs. When you have a big memberbase, you can show them ads, make them post ads for free, make them work as customer service for free, make them pay to join your game, etc. So again, don't get caught in their game 😁

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