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Previous client tag?

I was searching through jobs today and found a job that has a blue rectangle above it saying "previous client." I have never seen this tag on any job in the past.


This implies that I have worked for this person in the past. However, I looked at the person's name and do not recognize her.


I would like to know ahead of time whether we got along well (in which case I will remind her of the good work I did for her) or not (in which case I will not apply).


Is there some way within UpWork that I can find out what job I did for her?

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There is a link at the bottom of the job description that has a link and name of the project.

Thank you. But where is the link?


On my screen, it shows the job description. Below that, it says "client's recent history" and shows a bunch of jobs, but none that I worked on. Further down, it says "other open jobs by this client" and lists some jobs. Finally, at the very bottom, it says "similar jobs on Upwork" and lists some jobs.


There is no section showing the previous job that I worked on with this client.


You said this link is "at the bottom of the job description." But at the bottom of this description, it shows the project type, skills and expertise required, activity on this job, and then the sentence "upgrade your membership to see the bid range."


There is still no information about the previous job I (apparently) did for this client.


Are you saying there is supposed to be another section, below the "upgrade your membership" statement, that gives information about the job I previously did for this client?


Maybe there is something wrong with the website that is causing it not to show. If so, I will contact UpWork admins privately. I'm just trying to make sure that I am looking in the right place.

It doesn't look like it's in the job details when you open the job, but the link is there when you're looking at your feed. It's under the number of proposals.

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