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Pricing increase for doubled deliverables from same concept round

Hi all, I have a contract for a logo going with a great client. She had mentioned that in the future she may be interested in another version of the logo which I provided. Doesn't really make sense to me to have two completely different logos (not variations of the same concept, literally two independent ideas) but I sort of feel that it's also not really my business to tell her such.

That being said, if she was to ask for both logo files, should I charge an additional fee on top of the initial amount? I feel like from one perspective, the work I did was technically included in the pricing, but even so, I had promised one deliverable for that price, not two. As far as I know anything I create during concept stages (other than the final version of the logo provided to the client) is still my creative property, which makes me feel as though I would be within my rights to ask for more money, although obviously not as much as if I had to start from scratch. Thoughts?


Hi Gina,


If the client is asking for additional work from you which is already outside of the initial agreement you had, you can discuss this with them and explain why you would request for additional payment. It is always better to speak with your client to come to an agreement and avoid misunderstandings. 

~ Joanne
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