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Printing Transaction History

When I try to print Transaction History page as pdf, I get weird result. Instead of 6 columns (DATE, TYPE, DESCRIPTION, CLIENT, AMOUNT, REF ID) I get only 2. Can be fixed by choosing 50% scale in print settings. But the output becomes too small.

Win10 + latest Chrome. Tested on multiple machines.

Please do not add me to any support tickets.


100% scale, two columns only100% scale, two columns only50% scale, all the columns, but text is too small50% scale, all the columns, but text is too small

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Hi Aleksandr,


I've shared the experience you're describing with the team. We weren't able to replicate it right away and need to investigate further. I understand that you didn't want a support ticket created. However, in order to further escalate the issue for investigation and in case any private information has to be shared, we'll need to create one. 

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,

I absolutely don't mind that you created a support ticket. It's just unlikely that I'll provide any further help. And I wanted to avoid more emails and notifications.

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Would downloading the data in one of the available formats (comma-delimited, etc.) and then manipulating the data using Microsoft Excel or another standard app suit your purposes?



it might suit. My bank requests a pdf or a screenshot. A cvs file is easier to tamper, so maybe they won't accept it. Just need to ask them. Thanks for the advice

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Thanks for the 50% suggestion. I ran into the same problem (which was not there 6 months ago when I did this same thing for the bureaucracy I've been dealing with). It now seems to be an automatic response to trying to fit the info in a small screen given that it does the same thing using Inspect on the page.


[*Valeria--Is your tech team using bigger than the average laptop sized screens and that is why they could not replicate the problem? Just a thought.]


Anyway, I did find that if you change the print orientation to landscape, you can get the scale up to 95% before it changes the output again. (Not perfect, but certainly legible.)

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