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Private Feedback And Job success Score

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Priyanka K Member Since: Jun 15, 2015
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@ Setu


Is this true that less then 9 or 10 score private feedback will drop your JSS score? I don't think 10 out of 10 client will give u 10 in frivate feedback even u did great job for all of them. How is it possible when u get 9 score in private feedback and your JSS will drop. As we know each persion think differently on  rating. For some one 9 out 10 is best score for them.


Please help on this Setu. 



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Jason D Member Since: Dec 8, 2015
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98% is nothing to stress about. That's still an A+ in my book.

If I was looking to hire a freelancer, a 98% JSS wouldn't bother me at all if they had a lengthy job history.

In fact, I would be far more inclined to hire someone with a 98% JSS and a varied work history than a person at 100% with only a few jobs under their belt.


Stressing about having a 98% JSS is akin to stressing about condoms because they only have a 98% success rate (which, on average, they do).

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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@ Priyanka,

I think those numbers are extreme. But other members think that only 9 or 10 are accepted as positive by the JSS. We are all speculating or making educated guesses. But you will not get a yes or no from management.

@ Priya,

Its tough when you don't get the first few contracts perfect. That is how life is as a contractor anywhere. But there is always hope to improve your score.

Just ensure you do what it takes to get the future contracts completed successfully.
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Jessica S Member Since: Dec 4, 2015
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@Setu. What is your best guess that his JSS will be next time if everything stays the same and no more jobs close? Will it drop 2% every time JSS updates if those contracts are still there? And if he closes them... Bigger hit? Same? Because I'm thinking he won't get feedback from those clients from years ago....

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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These are the cases you like to get to study, because you get to understand a bit more.

Edit - The OP didnt take kindly to this Robot Sad

Considering his previous JSS was 100%, he would have been on his 6-month line. 2 contracts were closed in the last update period with great reviews + the drop was only 2% and he has no long-term contracts, so I would say it wasn't caused by poor negative feedback, and therefore he is probably still on his 6-month line.

(JSS will default to the line with the greatest %, therfore only if you had an unsuccessful job (+0) in the last 6 months, would it need to default to a longer timeframe)


On top of that the OP has a really long history of excellent written reviews, not just good or ok. Edit - this was considered an accusation rather than a compliment!? He also has been actively trying to close out the dormant contracts strategically. I believe closing these 2 long overdue contracts can only be good in the long run.


However, because he closed some a short while back, (Edit - apparently Upwork is the one that has closed the contracts) he has 3/13 no feedback already in a 6-month period. Closing these two right now would lead to 5/13 because 2 contracts from June will fall off the time frame. I don't know if Upwork will consider 5/13 in one timeframe to be 'a pattern' - that is still anyone's guess.


So yes, it is a bit silly that all this effort, strategy, planning and calculation has to go into closing 2 dormant contracts. But that is the way the current JSS system is. It is better to understand it than to drop 10% then complain about it. Edit - This was actually meant for me or anyone else who checks before randomly closing dormant contracts, and not the OP


Until we can get it fixed.


Edit - Apologies to the OP for making his profile a case study.

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Manjur R Member Since: Apr 18, 2015
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I have no idea what you are talking about ..and i mean it in the most literal sense .I never close down a contract ..i dont think i ever did one .

"So yes, it is a bit silly that all this effort, strategy, planning and calculation has to go into closing 2 dormant contracts"


There is no strategy ..or planning ,,or anything else really .I take very few jobs ,i get them done and i go on with my life .


I am neither as good nor as professional as most of you here . Please dont just start accusing some one unless you are sure of it .My client offered me two small jobs to boost up  my success score ,which i humbly said no to ,as i dont feel ok about that .


Thank you for your time .

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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Sorry if you considered my post an accusation. It had nothing but compliments about your work history.

And I guess you are allowing Upwork to auto close your dormant contracts? Well, you cant complain about the -2%.

I will edit my post.
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Sunny P Member Since: Jul 22, 2016
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Upwork Algorithm still the same. One of our client unitentionally gave us 8/10 in Private Feedback and then next time our JSS dropped from 100% to 98%. Wake Up Upwork !! In which part of the world is 8/10 is considered a criteria to lower down JSS? We have been 100% from several years. When asked client, she honestly said, i was feeling uneasy with so many Feedbacks which upwork was asking so i just gave 8/10 in Private and 4.5/5 in Public and she is relenting now as she didnt know this could impact JSS. Though 98% is awesome but 100% is way more awesome as we have been on 100% for several years and not liking this 98% especially when no one is at fault except Upwork Algorithm.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Sunny P wrote:

When asked client, she honestly said, i was feeling uneasy with so many Feedbacks which upwork was asking so i just gave 8/10 in Private and 4.5/5 in Public

How breathtakingly unprofessional to interrogate the client about their feedback, especially the private feedback.

The client gave the feedback she thought appropriate. Not likely "unintentionally."

Maybe the effect was "unintentional"  - it does not sound like the feedback was. - It looks like the 4.3 was very carefully thought through.


Funny how you gave the client a 4.45 as well, so clearly everything hadn't gone 100% swimmingly, or did you do that "unintentionally" too?




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Jay K Member Since: May 30, 2016
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Manjur has a strong valid point. The upwork member panel decides how this feedback rating should work and it's not necessary that it will be a bullet proof solution.


Manjur's JSS droped from 100% to 98% and the reason being, one client unknowingly provided a 8/10 private feedback. But the Public feedback was 5 star and very good feedback. However, the JSS in his profile reflects 98%. All the people out here saying, 98% is a good feedback (it is definitely).


Now imagine this scenario. Another of his client again unknowlingly gives a 7/10 is private feedback, perhaps because he does not like the Upwork rating system and not that of Manjur. This will further reduce Manjur's JSS to 95% and so on.


Yes, a time at some later point will arive, where these Upwork member panel, will wake up and decide - ah we should change this algorithm.


Pretty interesting!