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Private Messages - Don't work or maybe I am dumb

I read the help file for this.


  • How do I send a private message?

    To send a private message:

    1. Sign in to the community.
    2. Click the message count or envelope icon to go to your Private Messages Inbox.
    3. Click Compose New Message.
    4. Enter the recipient's name in the Send to area.

      Note: Depending on your role in the community, you might be able to send a message to a group of users based on their role or rank in the community. If so, you can choose a role or a rank.
    5. Enter the subject for the message in the Message Subject area.
    6. Type the reply in the Message Body editor.
    7. Click Send Message.
      You can look for the messages you've sent in the Sent Messages tab.



    Uhmm is this broke too as there is no Compose Message Option. Some people  am able to private message but most are going to their profile and no private message option. Mods am I broken or is this broken too?





Congrats on finding the help file by the way. It's not just you, I don't have a Compose New Message button either. But you mustn't assume it's broken--it might be an improvement that was adopted after research and feedback from users.

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Haahahahaha John I needed a laugh...


They really know how to ruiin my fun can't flirt with anyone cause the pm's don't work hahahahaha.. just  kidding there.



I mainly want to use it when I want to address someone specific. Of course, I can put their name in as I just did or quote their post, but there's no guarantee they'll ever read my reply. I spend time writing this stuff, so it would be nice for me if the person addressed read it, but on the other hand, they might be annoyed at being messaged so it's definitely a double-edged pencil.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce


Exactly. I would not be annoyed there is a tme to want to acknowledge something privately as well as not posting it on the forum, but the function doesn't work. I can message some people but there are others there is no way to message them at all. Some go to a page and there is an option under their name to message, others it goes to their profile and there is no option in settings as the help file states.

Hi Suzanne,

We agree, the profile experience here on the Community is poor. We're working on resolving this and hope to have a better experience for users in the next couple of months. This will include a redesigned Community (profile) page you can use for better management of your activity here, including the messaging function. We're trying to do away with the disjointed experience you see today (different pages based on the public/private nature of a user). 

Thanks for the answer Garnor. I guess like everything else around here it is broken hopefully things will get better not worse. I look forward to a better forum as it is hard to track topics you are having a discussion in, Hard to communicate on something privately hard to do a lot of things.

Yeah, new at this, but I have never found any other community that makes it so hard to contact someone. What gives??? Pretty frustrating experience thus far.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Derrick, 


I would like to clarify that Suzanne's question was about sending a message here in the community, but not to a client or a freelancer. She was clarifying the process on how a community member can send a private message to another member.


I have also responded to your post here.

~ Avery

I have a proposal into a client who has requested that I PM him for more information, but there is no place I can find to PM him.   How do I PM a client before I am hired or invited to interview? 



All you need to do is reply using the Upwork Messaging system that he used to contact you in the first place.


You will be replying to him using a private message (i.e. "PM").

I am Microsoft certified professional ,i have to add link in my certification. could you explain please what link should i add for adding microsoft cerification in my upwork profile

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