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Private message to Hayden B results in an error message

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Anil N Member Since: Aug 21, 2013
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I wished to respond via a private mesaage, to Hayden B with regard to her post on the latest on the performance of Upwork's web solution dated 16 Sep 15,. I had suggestions which were not appropriate in the public domain.


I spent 10 minutes to compose the message and received the ffollowing error message on submit.


One or more of these members do not have private messages enabled. Their names have been removed from the Send to list.



Please do not reply to my post informing me that private messages for Haden B are not enabled. I know that because I understand wht the error message means.


The point her is, that the interface to type in a private message to Hayden B, should not have been accible at all since provate messages were disabled for her. That would have saved all the time I toolk to key in the message to her.


One more to add to the glitch list. Smiley Happy




Anil Nath


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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Maybe you have to "kudo" her post first before you can message her?