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Private messages to "reach out"

I've received two private messages in the last few days that begin:


"I'm reaching out to discuss:
- My budget
- Your expertise
- Your availability..."


...and then go on to give specifics (or not). The Upwork explanation is that these inquiries are from prospective clients before a job is actually posted. My question is, is this something new? I searched the Announcements but didn't see anything to this effect.


As an aside, I set up a "project" page  the other week, which Upwork rejected with the message to see my feedback for details (which I couldn't figure out how to view; the only option I saw was to edit the contents). I've been too busy with deadlines to follow up on this, but if it wasn't approved it wouldn't have been published and no one should be able to see it. Because of that I'm sure there's no connection between that and the messages I've been getting, but figured I'd mention it anyway...


Any insight into this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Bettye,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked and it looks like you received a Direct Message, this is not a new feature. Eligible clients have an ability to reach out to freelancers with Direct Messages. You can find more information about the feature and the eligibility requirements clients would need to meet in this help article.

~ Nikola
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