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Re: Problem adding Billing method

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Mehwish M Member Since: Apr 21, 2017
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hello , i am new in upwork , me having Problem with my billing method ,i lived in Bahrain and here in bahrain Paypal not work and i d'nt have my personal bank account also , i m so worried,
upwork only showing me two Set Up ,One for paypal and 2nd for bank account
Please help me

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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You are a freelancer, so you don't want to add a BILLING method (which is how you pay for freelancers or pay for memberships etc (which you do not need)


You need to go to your settings - and then pick Get Paid - then choose a suitable withdrawal method


If you haven't got a bank account, why not open one?


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Simon T Member Since: Jul 2, 2016
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I know this was a couple of months ago and being in Bahrain I know the paypal here is hopeless.  It does work though just I cannot find a way of wiring money out of it but you can certainly shop online with it.  Anyway, I set up a payoneer account and got them to send me a debit card (free, takes a couple of weeks).  This seems to be the easiest way to get it here.  You can use the card in shops in Bahrain and in theory online but some sites do not like prepaid debit cards.  You can use the card at atms as well (international ones at any rate so some local banks though not all may be an issue but citi/hsbc/stan chart will be fine plus certain local ones).


Apparently the email you use must be the same as your upwork login (paypal same as well) but this seems a good solution if you do not have a bank account.  In theory you can link the card to your paypal account but to be honest that has been glitchy.


Hope that helps