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Re: Problem in current location

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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I simply do not understand this business of not being allowed to work from another location.


If I am hired in France by an American company, I get paid via Upwork >Paypal > French bank account and I pay tax in France. Next year, I  may have to travel for this company who will pay me in exactly the same way via Upwork > Paypal > French bank account. The fact that I will be in North America will have nothing to do with working in another country. To all intents and purposes I will still be in France, but I will temporarily be required to be out of my own country.  


I maintain that my head office (my laptop) is in France, even if I am in another country. People who reside in Europe, for example, and yet travel anywhere to do business in the B & M world, do not appear to be restricted in the same way as a freelancer who in effect is working from the cloud.


I wouldn't dream of declaring that I am working when I travel to another country and stay there for any length of time. If it is against Upwork policy, then I would simply stop working from Upwork until I returned home again - which seems quite absurd to me.

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Melissa T Member Since: Dec 5, 2014
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Nichola, I'm with you. 


Valeria, what are the parameters of an extended period of time? Does the definition of "extended" relate to the specific country's visa boundaries or is it an Upwork definition?