Problem with Language Settings

So after my profile was eaten it was regurgitated with a problem with my language.


I have my language proficiency set as "Native" as it appears to be the highest level.


When I try to apply for jobs that require "Fluent" it shows that I do not have the requisite language skill.


I am one of those stupid Americans. I only speak English. My grammar, rhetoric, and spelling at top-notch.


I have tried changing my language setting, but I still get the same red flag warning.


I opened a ticket about this but it was closed as resolved when it was not.


Can someone tell me what is happening?  I am not going to waste connects on jobs where my proposal will be hidden because I am not "qualified"




the double Grrrrrr


That was a bug that was meant to have been fixed!


Essentially it does not recognize "native" as being "higher than or equal to" fluent


Have you tried to set yours to "fluent" for now? Ah, then you get the same problem whenyou try to apply for a "native" requirement




I just received a message from Customer Support on this -- "it's a known issue and we are working on it." -- which is absolutely of no assistance whatsoever at all. Hopefully, clients will figure out something is not quite right but I doube it. Aren't applications somehow filtered by those meeting all quals first???


I don't know what is going on behind the scenes with Upwork but this is on top of a long list of technology issues. When Upwork causes freelancers to lose opportunities for jobs, this really should be cause for refunds of 10 percent fees. I actually just picked up two new clients off Upwork, and instead of funnelling them through Upwork, I funnelled them through a competitor.


Very frustrating ... same old song and dance.



I got an email from CS that told me to take a 3 tests that evaluate language skills of people who are not native English speakers (ridiculous because my only language is English) or have 3 clients rate that my English is high.

That is even crazier!  I have comments that my writing is great.  Since my clients speak English and I speak English why on earth would they comment about the language in which we communicate?


I think what was most annoying was that the responder didn't even acknowledge that this is a known bug....


Triple Grrrrrrr

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Cheryl, Petra and Jeri,


The fix for this issue is ready but will be released during one of the upcoming updates. We apologize for the delay and the inconvenience caused by it.


~ Valeria

Delay and inconvenience?


I don't mean to be rude but my inability to work is far more than a delay and inconvenience, it is a serious impact to my business.


I have asked elsewhere but would like a direct reply:


If I apply, will my connects be "wasted" because my proposal goes to the Hidden folder?



Edited, as I no longer believe this to be the case 😞

Hi Cheryl,


I can confirm that your proposals will not be going to the hidden folder because of this issue. Clients have seen freelancers' qualifications correctly all along. The issue is only on the freelancer's side.

~ Valeria