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Problem with Messages in Workroom

All day now, if I go to a workroom for a job and click the messages tab it just spins eternally.

However, if I just sign on to my account and don't go to a workroom but just click on messages, I can access messages.

FWIW this is very annoying. I prefer to use the workroom to access messages and don't tell me to clear cookies and cache.

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Hi Cheryl,

We tried replicating the issue you are describing but weren't able to. Does it happen on other browsers as well? Also, the message you sent from the Messages tab is also showing in the Messages & Files section of the Workroom.


How could I possibly tell if the message shows up in the Messages and Files tab of the workroom if that tab just spins and doesn't load?



I was confirming that messages are loading normally via the Workroom when we looked into this issue on your account, and was also asking if you're experiencing the same issue in any other browser since another moderator as well as myself were unable to replicate the issue using two different computer setups.



As per my original post

"if I go to a workroom for a job and click the messages tab it just spins eternally."

My original post told you that the messages aren't loading in the workroom. That's the problem I'm reporting.

Why would you want to be "confirming that messages are loading normally via the Workroom" when I just reported otherwise? (don't answer that's a moot question)

My expectations for platform performance are low enough that I don't expect you to do anything about it, but I did want to report it.

I use Firefox as my browser


Hi Cheryl,


I'm sorry if there is misunderstanding. We'd really like to help you and get to the bottom of the problem. In order to do it, we try to replicate the issue and so far we've been unable to do it. Let me send you a private message with some screenshots and assist you with troubleshooting.



~ Valeria
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