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Problem with Upwork app

Hi. Since I started working for a new client about one month ago I have had the same problem with my upwork app. Anytime I shut down my computer and turn it on I have to uninstall and install the app because It wouldn't launch. I have to do this daily and sometimes twice a day. Can you help me? It takes time of my work every day and it's pretty annoying too. 


Hi Vanessa,


Thank you for your message. Sometimes the Desktop App is minimized in your taskbar and needs to be opened from there. Could you please confirm if you do not see the Desktop App on your taskbar as well? Also, please confirm if you are using a Mac or Windows computer? 


Thank you


Community Member

Hi Pradeep, 


Thank you so much,


Actually, I have just tried opening the App from the taskbar but the result was the same. I had to uninstall and install again. I am working from a computer with Windows 10. 


Thanks again


Hi Vanessa,


Instead of uninstalling which is more time-consuming, could you please try using the Task Manager to force quit the app? 


Hi Andrea, 


I can quit the app, the problem is when I turn on my computer the next day. The app doesn't open, so I need to uninstall and install to make it work. 


Hi Vanessa,


I've requested the help of our team. One of our agents will reach out and assist you directly via a support ticket. 

~ Joanne
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