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Problem with a freelancer (he take the money and do nothing now)

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Luca Z Member Since: Apr 22, 2021
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Hello, I am coming to you because I have a problem with a freelancer. Recently I asked for help on upwork regarding the modification of an existing website. Initially I was looking for someone who could make my site pretty fast and without errors. I offered $ 600 to an influencer who started the job. When I got to 3/4 of the job, I suggested to the influencer to continue working for me and I offered him the opportunity to take care of the marketing / advertising management of the website, translation, and speed optimization. ($ 400) Result of the accounts, he did not have completely finished the first job he was already starting to have money from the second job. When I realized that he had pocketed all the money for the two jobs without having completely finished the first one. I asked him the question (is it normal to receive all the money without having completely finished the work), he replied that he was working alongside me like a brother and that I should not worry.

Now he give me news once or two time a week, and don't work for me anymore.

I try to open a dispute on upwork , but that don't work and i don't find someone to help me.
The dispute is open since 2 weeks now and i don't have news.

The freelancer get 600$ (Website fully fonctionnal) + 400$ (Speed + ads) + 60$ (Banners)
Normally he need to do theses taks.
I need you to Manage this:
-Facebook Ads, (Progress 0%)
-Bing Ads (Bing shopping) (Progress 0%)
-Google Ads, (Progress 0%)
-Instagram Ads, (Progress 0%)
-Google Merchant Center, (Google Shopping) (Progress 0%)
-SEO, (Progress 0%)
-SEA (Progress 0%)
-Newsletter for our list of 1500 Customers. (finally i do it myself)
-New Language on the website (Deutsch, Netherlands, Spanish, Italian). (Progress 0%)
-Fix the Ad-sell Error on the website. (Progress 100%)
-Add/Ebay Amazon extension on woocommerce (Progress 0%)
-Try to get more better speed. (Progress 0%)
-Add Somes texts on the Homepage.
(Progress 0%)

- Banners (Progress 0%)

I don't know what i can do...
Please help me

Have a nice day.




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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Upwork allows you - as a client - unlimited freedom to close a contract. At any time. For any reason.


"Close a contract" is simply another way of saying "fire a freelancer."


You don't need to contact anybody in Upwork Customer Support in order to fire a freelancer. You can do this on your own.


It isn't really Upwork's intention that you (as a client) seek help in managing your freelancers. Upwork provides you with the tools for you to do that yourself.


If you have hired a freelancer who does not live up to your expectations, then YOU are CORRECT.

What should you do?
Fire the freelancer. Continue working only with the most productive freelancers on your team.



No. That's not how a client achieves his goals. Dispute thinking hurts clients.

When you realize that a freelancer is underperforming or not providing you with benefit... you should NOT continue paying that freelancer with the hope that someday you might get money BACK from the freelancer. Instead: You should fire the freelancer immediately.


re: "I try to open a dispute on Upwork, but that don't work and I don't find someone to help me. The dispute is open since 2 weeks now and I don't have news."


Upwork's dispute process is not based on "If something doesn't go 100% the way I expected it to, I can file a dispute and get all of my money back." The dispute process is meant PRIMARILY for FREELANCERS (not clients). The dispute process is primarily used when clients have funded an escrow payment in a fixed-price contract, and then the freelancer has done the work, but the client refuses to release payment. Then a freelancer files a dispute. Another way that the word "dispute" is used is for hourly contracts: If a freelancer logs time manually, or if a freelancer logs time without memos or sufficient mouse/keyboard activity, or if the screenshots show the freelancer doing something ELSE (not working on the client's project), then a client may dispute the hours. After a work week closes, a client has 5 days during which he may dispute time segments.


In your post, I don't see that you have a basis for disputing anything. It looks like what you SHOULD be doing is ending your contract with a freelancer whose work you no longer value, and assigning the remaining tasks to other freelancers.


If you have hired a freelancer using a fixed-price contract, and you feel that the freelancer has not completed the tasks that were agreed to, then you can close the contract and request a refund. That step would need to come before a "dispute." But ideally there is no dispute at all. The most effective way to get money back is to discuss a refund BEFORE you close the contract. For example, if the freelancer has done 75% of the work that is part of a $400 milestone task, then you could tell the freelancer:


"Melissa: Thank you for the work you have done so far on the project. I am going to be going in a different direction with this, and would like to ask if you could stop work on the project. You have already done 75% of the work. If I close the contract now, can I ask you to not do any more work, and allow a refund of 25% of the funds? If you will agree to do that, I would appreciate it."


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your questions right here in this thread.

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Luca,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with this freelancer. I've escalated your issue to our executive escalations team. They will reach out to you directly as soon as possible to assist you regarding your concerns.


Thanks so much for your patience!

~ Bojan