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Problem with job feed from a saved search

Hi all,

I am using an application called QuteRSS to import an RSS feed of my saved job search terms. Since I am an English-to-Serbian translator, I saved a search that would show me any job postings that include the word "Serbian" in their description/title.

I have configured QuiteRSS to auto-refresh this feed every 10 or so minutes.

This method of receiving job alerts works better for me as I don't have to keep the browser open and don't have to be logged in on UW website and manually refresh the feed page. But I have noticed in the past couple of weeks that along with the newest job postings, QuiteRSS keeps downloading and alerting me to job posts that are a year old (from 2017), and it keeps showing them as new jobs.


Has anyone else used QuiteRSS or any other RSS reader applications to receive job alerts, and has anyone experienced this weird issue of getting old job postings retrieved by the RSS reader and interpreted as new posts? Is there some setting somewhere that would let me tell UW to only retrieve/list job posts posted in the last 30 days or so?

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Hi Ana,

Sorry to hear you encountered this issue. One of our team member will reach out to you via ticket. Please respond directly to that ticket and post any questions you have. Thanks.

~ Jo-An

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