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Problem with log in, security question and unrecognized device.

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Yoshia R Member Since: Aug 4, 2016
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Hi fellow freelancers or Upwork staff.


So my friend have problem with his account.

He not yet approved by UpWork, he already completed his profile. So he right now try to upgrade his skill and do more test here to upgrade his profile background.


But then, his computer got error and all cookies is gone, So he need to manually log-in again to UpWork. But its weird that suddenly, UpWork say that not recognized his device. Then they ask for security question. He forget the answer to his security question.


Then he try this link, but it's not working. They keep give link to answer security question.


Then he try to send email to upwork support. But the answer is not related at all. He ask for how to reset security question. But the answer is about "why they can't approve his profile". Which is not related at all to the question.


He try for so many times. But still same template answer about "why they can't approve his profile".


Maybe anybody else facing same problem? Can you help?


He really want to work here and he work on it to upgrade his skills. But if he can't access his account then nothing he can do anymore.


Thank you

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Yoshia,


We cannot discuss anything about your friend's account here in the community or to another individual, for privacy reasons, which we hope you understand. 

Please, send me PM with email address your friend registered with his account and we'll assist him directly! Thank you!

~ Bojan

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Aleksander A Member Since: Apr 2, 2018
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Hi, my friend same problem with his account and doesnt remember security question answer, how he can take back his account credentials? Please help

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Aleksander,


You can share this Help Article with your friend on how to reset their security question or password. Thank you.

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Aleksander A Member Since: Apr 2, 2018
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Hi, thats method doesnt work, its only send to email this text

Thank you for contacting Upwork Support.

First, we want to say that we appreciate your interest in becoming part of the Upwork community. Unfortunately, after reviewing the skills and experience in your submitted application we have found we cannot accept it.

We’re sorry we don’t have better news for you right now. However, at this time our marketplace already has many freelancers with a similar skillset to yours. Since we cannot accept your application, you will not be able to use the marketplace or submit any proposals.

Thanks again for your interest in Upwork. If you’d like, you can learn more about applying to join Upwork by clicking here.


Community Guru
Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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There are too many freelancers already on Upwork with your friend's abilities.  They will not approve his profile.  My suggestion is that he get more experience in the "real world", improve his skills and try again in a few months or a year.  It is said that 98% of the freelancers who apply are not accepted by Upwork.  There are other platforms that are easier to work through.

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Aleksander A Member Since: Apr 2, 2018
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This is not a profile approval. My friend created an account a few months ago. Now he wanted to update his profile to add a portfolio and skills. How to find out what his ability if he can not even log into his account? He cannot log in to the account because the UpWork say that he does not recognize the device and demands to enter the secret question “Name of the first pet”, which he did not indicate in his profile. Upwork just blocks it for no reason. He cannot reset the security question as he cannot log into his account. When contacting customer support, he receives the same answering machine messages. The secret question reset link does not work for him. For these reasons, he can neither reset the secret question nor contact support. The problem is that he cannot log into his account because Upwork requires him to enter a secret question that he did not add. So he asked me to write here. Please help solve his problem.