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Problem with proposal and messaging system



I recently received an offer for an interview for a job for which I would not normally have applied (English to French translation whereas I usually do French to English).


I did a sample translation and was quite proud to be accepted on a shortlist. However the  recruiter then asked for another test, i.e. a much longer translation (an entire webpage).


Another freelancer contacted Upwork suggesting that the person was trying to get his website translated for free because he supposed that each of us was doing a different page. As a result, the job was cancelled.


The recruiter managed to re-open the job, asserting that it was really a test, that everyone was doing the same page, for which we would all be paid 15 USD even if we were not hired for the complete job. We all therefore had to submit a new proposal, which I did, and sent a message to say I had done so and attached my translation.


After a few days, and having had no reply, I contacted the person again and he told me that he had never received my proposal (indeed it was not in my 'list') and that he had not received my message either. He was sorry but as he hadn't heard from me he had hired several other translators and the job was now closed. He reckoned there must have been some glitches in the Upwork system.


I am not so worried about the 15 USD, but I did spend some time and thought on the translation, so am peeved that it was all for nothing. Maybe I didn't submit the new proposal properly (although I'm pretty sure I did) but I don't understand why he didn't receive my message because it is definitely there in our exchanges.


I just thought I would pass on this info in case there are really some glitches that can be resolved! Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Amanda,


I just checked and both proposals registered and were delivered to the client. First one was archived when the first job was cancelled by Upwork team, second one was archived after the client hired freelancers for the job and closed the posting. You can find both proposals under your Proposals > Archived. 


In the future, please make sure not to work on a project before you are properly hired and see a contract under My Jobs tab.

~ Valeria
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