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Problem with the new site - can’t access account

Hello all,


Is anyone else experiencing this problem where sometimes when logging in to upwork.com you get this screen and you can’t do anything else on the site?


Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 10.15.54 PM.png


I’ve created a ticket a few weeks ago and the support team said that it was a system error and that it was fixed, but it’s happening again, so I was curious to see what other’s experiences are... am I the only one getting this?


(This happens irrespective of browser brand and platform, and persists even after clearing cookies and emptying caches. Clicking the X to delete the notifications does nothing, and clicking the "weekly timelog" link just reloads this same page.)




Well, I was clicking around and it fixed itself... I was on the forum and clicked on my username > view profile > view full profile and it landed on my account normally, without the blank "Notifications" screen.


This is really strange Smiley Frustrated

I can appreciate what you are talking about, Diego, though I've not had your exact experience. In the last 2 days, my issue has been the 'log out' button disappearing. And I can't tell which page I'm going to open and it disappears. My concern is that when I close the tab, finding no other way out, the system doesn't automatically log me out. So the next time I open Upwork, I find myself right in my account. Surely that isn't secure by any standards.


But I'm thinking there is still work-in-progress in the background and the problem will soon go away.  

Notifications has a constant yellow light - so I don't know if I have anything new or not. I can't delete them either.


Same for me with log out - I can't log out. The only way I can ensure that I do not get remembered is if I clear history. But sometimes - and  this will really surprise Upwork - I need to keep history for other projects that have nothing to do with this site. So, possibly, there is a security issue here. 

So much seems to surprise Upwork.

Hi Mercy and Nichola,


I was not able to reproduce the issue you are referring to. When I click on your profile picture in the right upper corner, the log out option shows on the bottom of the drop down menu. Do you experience this issue with any browser?

~ Valeria