Problem with time tracker and can't access help

I was working on an hourly project when the time tracker stopped working. It said that it was still recording the time, and it did update when my Internet connection was restored. However, now every time segment has the same memo - even though I was working on different things and entered different memos - and I went into the work diary but it doesn't allow me to edit an individual segment. I also can't access live chat for some reason (I'm top rated, so is it just not available on weekends or something?). Does somebody know how to fix this?


I found two solutions ( they may work or not) :

To change your memo or activity label after your time has been uploaded

  1. Go to your contract’s Work Diary
  2. Click the memo bar above the segment you want to change
  3. Edit your memo and assigned activity as necessary

To report a problem with the app

  1. Open the Upwork desktop app
  2. Log into your Upwork account
  3. Click your name at the bottom of the Time Tracker window
  4. Choose Support and Feedback
  5. Add a detailed description of the issue and submit

Thanks Slavko, but it's not working for me - when I try to edit, it changes all two hours to the same memo instead of just the 10-minute segment.

Hi Christine,


I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. We'll have one of our agents reach out to you via a support ticket to further assist you.

Thank you.

~ Luiggi

Thanks, Luiggi.

Is all the work for the same client? Could you put all the segment tasks into one memo that covers the two-hour period? (Not as good as an actual fix, but better than nothing.)