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Problems With Payment Withdrawals.

Hi, Community.
I've been having problems lately with payment withdrawals.
Authorization Code to Phone
The system always asks me to request an authorization code. The default is a text message to my mobile phone. I must do this every time, even though I check the box 'Remember this Device.'
But that's not a major hassle. Recently, I've not received the code sent to my mobile phone. I don't know why, as the phone's text feature is working just fine. And last week, I got a message to say this option (text message) is no longer available.
Try Another Method
Today, I selected 'Try another method,' in this case by email. I get the code, but nothing happens when I add it to the box and click Next. The Next button greys out, but the page doesn't change (attachment 1). I tried this three times.
There Was an Error Loading this Page
On the third attempt, I refreshed the page and went to try again. That time, I got a new error that said there was a problem loading the page (see attachment 2). Then, suddenly, the page refreshed itself, and I got a payment confirmation for the whole amount. But I only requested a partial amount, and the screen before the code request confirmed that.
Can someone look into this, please? Requesting payments is becoming increasingly unpredictable, time-consuming, and a little worrying.
Thank you in advance,
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Andy, 

Thank you for sharing detailed information about the issue with your payment withdrawal, and I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. I have forwarded your concern to the Customer Support Team so that they can look into this and they can assist you further through an email support ticket.

~ Avery
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