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Problems to verify my profile


Hello there!

I'm stuck with a problem to verify my profile. This week i got my first job and 2 day after I started working, i receive this email saying my profile was put on hold, that i have to do a video chat call to confirm my identity. I followed the instructions, but few minutes later i received another email saying somenthing like "since you cannot do the video chat you have to submmit some documents to confirm your identity"- and I was like "what?". Later someone else answered me that i could not do this video chat because i was not recognizable in my profile picture. I tried to change it to a better one, but the system is not allowing me to do so.

In the meantime i submitted the required documents twice but i all got is this reply: "We're sorry, but some of your documents have been rejected for ID verification. We were unable to verify your ID nor your statement. Please note that cropping, altering, or adjusting your document in anyway will make your image incompatible with our review process. We ask that you upload an original photo or scan of your document."

I didn't crop or change anything and both docs are in colors. First doc is my passport and everything can be checked in the image: my photo, emission date, expiration date. Second is my Public Illumination Bill, which is a digital copy that i receive in my email, i don't receive printed bills any more. All data required is there too, including my full address, matching to information i provided on my user contact info.

I'd be very happy if anyone could tell me which step i'm missing and how to solve this.

Thank you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Thiago,


Please, resubmit your documents for verification and make sure they are the original files. Don't save them with image altering software. Please, check a private message I sent you for the secure link you can use to submit your documents.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria, thanks for the reply. I tried the link you sent me, but with no success again. I'll try to scan another doc...maybe it works. 


But i think it would be helpful if the support team could give a clearer feedback instead of pasting a generic message, don't you agree? It would be faster and easier to get my docs approved if i knew what's wrong with them. Note that i read all instructions and from my point of view i respected all recomendations...


Well, let's try again. Smiley Frustrated



I apreciate your will to help me, thank you!


I am also having the same problem. It is saying that my identity can not be verified even though I uploaded my TDL. I have tried to resubmit many of times and is block from doing so because of it.

Hello Teresa,


We have escalated your concern. One of our representatives will reach out to you shortly.


Good day, I am having the same trouble as well with the video chat verification. Tried the link multiple times, installed and uninstalled the application but still ended up on Upwork help link --


Hoping you could help me with this. 

Kind regards, 


Hi Katherine,


Our team will reach out to you via ticket as well and will assist you further with your verification. Thank you.

~ Goran


One of my friends signed up as a freelancer 2-3 weeks ago but his profile is not verified till now. Even after so many days he is getting an error to verify email but he didn't recieved any email with verification link. 

What is the reason behind this and how to solve it?

Hi Ahmol,


Could you please click on my name next to this post and send me a private message with your friend's email address if you know it or link to his profile?

~ Valeria

Hi  Valeria , 

Please   help me  to  put  my  profile  photo , it  always  says  to put  250 px  photo , I can't  do it .

Hello Zara,


I just checked your account and I could see that you already have a profile photo. Would you like to upload a new one?



One of my friends created a profile on Up work and but when he logs in to the Upwork. He is getting a notification that verifies your email but he is not receiving any email to verify his email id. Please solve the issue so that he can also enjoy the benefits of the platform. 

Hi Anmol,


Please, refer to my reply to your first post about this issue earlier on this thread. Thank you.

~ Valeria

Please check your inbox and please provide the solution as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards