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Problems while using Switft Code

Hi everyone, thank you for reading and providing help 🙂


Some time ago, i tried to make a direct Bank fund transfer through Swift Code, i had the correct code an (i think) all the information was also proper.


Nontheless, the transfer failed and the money is not only stuck on upWork but i lost money (processing charges), so i have two questions:


Would anyone be so kind to explain and possibly share visible example (sensitive information masked) about the way to configurate this properly? I wanna minimize trial and error as it considerably costs.


Also, what reasons could there be for a Swift Code transfer to fail?


Thank you so much

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Xavier Ricardo,


Could you please check the lookup service, which SWIFT organization offers. Please enter all the required information to be able to get the code. We suggest you contact your bank directly to ensure proper routing of your funds were established before making another withdrawal. 


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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