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Problems with Upwork


Is anyone else having difficulty seeing their own and other profiles as well as submitting a proposal for a job?

Community Guru

Hi Pauline,

I am able to view your profile without issue. Some freelancers were having issues with submitting proposals yesterday but I haven't seen anything as of late. What error are you experiencing?

Hi Garner,


Thank you for responding.  I only see my overview and nothing else when I check my profile.  I do not see the number of jobs or my portfolio as well as anything else.  When I try to go back to, for example, find jobs, I can't and I then have to close Upwork.  Also, I am trying to submit a proposal for a job and the page comes up blank.  I hope this helps.


I have called last Friday to troubleshoot what is wrong with my desktop timer, its is not registering my log ins and screenshoot am mission full hours take note hours of my work for my clients. I have called today and waiting for your supports email but it has been past 15 min and have not received any. This is awful... I have been doign an awesome job with my clients and somehow upwork is not logging it in it is affecting my credibility and work effore as well as I am not getting paid for the work I do attached is one example I work for full five hours and yet it registered 3hrs worst of all is my 8 hrs which only registered 8 hrs no one has gotten back to me on fixing this and I am working and not getting paid for my hours. Attached is one sample.

Hello Cristrine,


I'm sorry to hear that. Our team is now working on your ticket. One of our team representatives will reach out to you shortly. Thank you.