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Re: Problems with attachments

Active Member
Neil R Member Since: Nov 1, 2015
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Hi to all the long suffering freelancers out there.


Has anyone else experienced problems when trying to attach a sample of their work to a job application?


Three weeks ago I noticed that whenever I tried to send a sample of my work to a prospective client a little red flag popped up and the attachment didn't go through.


I contacted Upwork support. They are still working on the problem. Or so they say. Three weeks later I still can't send any attachments.


Of course I've read the small print--the sample isn't too big etc.


I am a creative writer. Much of my work involves sending attachments.


If Upwork won't let me do that--then what is the point of me trying to find work here?


Feedback welcome.


Kind regards,



Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Neil,


I am sorry about the inconvenience. I followed up with our engineers and they are working on releasing a fix for the issue as soon as possible.


We appreciate your patience.

~ Valeria