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Problems with retracted job postings by UPwork

I have responded to 2 invitations for interview and responded to both. Then I get emails stating that The job that you have applied for, *** Edited for Community Guidelines ***, has been reviewed and removed by a member of the rework Marketplace Quality team. The job was not in compliance with the rework User Agreement. The rework Marketplace Quality Team proactively reviews job postings to ensure the trust, safety, and quality of the rework Marketplace. For more information on Policy 2.4: Job Postings and Proposals please read. My question is, am I doing something wrong or am I just lucky enough to get invitations from clients that are not in compliance?

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Yes, you're "lucky" (in a sarcastic sense). You're new at Upwork, so until there's a completed job or 2 in your work history, you will regularly receive scam invitations.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

You're also lucky in the non-sarcastic sense that the "job" -- which almost certainly was never really a job -- was removed before you could waste time on it, or worse yet, get sucked into some sort of scam.

I have also received a couple of these and I must say that I’m grateful that the Upwork team is carefully reviewing these posts to make sure they are legitimate.


 However the most recent one I received, was last night, and I knew immediately that it was a fake one and I actually replied within the Upwork message framework with a print screen from my personal email stating that I would’ve only reply going forward within the Upwork message framework.


Is there someway that I should be notifying Upwork more proactively in this situation?

Love Ann Dougherty

Hello Love,


You can flag the job post or you can share it here so we can take a look at the job posting. Can you please send me a PM so I can help you out? To send me a PM, please click my name above and then click the Send Message button. Thank you!


Thanks.  The errant job posting has already been removed -- so you are aware.  I was asking from the perspective of.....


Since I noticed that it was a "bad request" before it was removed by Upwork, what should be my approach going forward if it should happen again.  As I am also a "newbie" as the other poster today was, I suspect strongly that it will happen to me again -- unfortunately.  Your earlier response gave me the answer I needed.  I will come to this forum and post the item here so that the Community is aware of the problem and give Upwork the opportunity to proactively get ahead of the problem.  


So you are aware, I am attaching a print screen of the email of the original post from the "bad poster".

Love Ann Dougherty
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Love Ann, 

I recommend, moving forward, that if you come across job postings like these, or any job posting that raises a red flag, go to the job post, and click on the "Flag Inappropriate" button. This will go to the team's queue and they will review and take actions accordingly. 


Flag as Inappropriate.png

~ Avery
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Thank you very much.     I did hesitate using that link as a new member not wanting to get a reputation as a "troublemaker" but in this case, I agree it is warranted.  I very much appreciate your quick replies!

Love Ann Dougherty
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Hello Attilia,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. You may check this article to help you avoid questionable jobs. Thank you and good luck!

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