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Profile Discovered!

Hello Upworkers,

Take my best regards! Would be very grateful if someone could give me an idea abut "Profile Discover of the stats. What does this number of the "Profile Discover" actually mean?


Does it mean that 34 clients had visited my profile in the last 7days? I had applied to 4 jobs from the last 7 days! This "34" number is a bit unbelievable to me where I applied only for 4 jobs. Another thing, if I search by name as "video editor" Capture2.PNG or related title, I can't see myself. I had a walk till 52 pages but I didn't find myself! 

Thanks in Advance!  


I'm still new in this platform but from the way I see it, if your profile is set to public anyone can view your profile. It doesn't necessarily mean that 34 clients has viewed your profile. But it could be that potential client has been viewing your profile several times to see if you are a good fit in his job posting. I haven't tried searching my profile on Upwork so I cannot answer your second question. Sorry. 

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