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Profile Moved to Private for all the wrong reasons

I recently received a message from Upwork stating that my profile has arbitrarily been moved to Private.

The message said - "you misrepresented your skills, experiences, and/or certifications."


The sequence of activity here is somethkng like this :

1. I get a message in the Newsletter from Upwork that I can create a Project Dashboard.

2. I create a Project draft.

3. The project does not get approved - Upwork does not cite a reason as to why either. The project is not live.

4. I review what might have gone wrong and make amends to the best of my understanding.

5. I resubmit. The project dashboard is STILL NOT LIVE.

6. Then an upwork reprentative sends me a message that my profile has been moved to Private.

The project dashboard is not live - the description is not yet visbile - Upwork has not indicated to me whats wrong with my Project Dashboard - STILL my profile is moved to Private!


To top this, I receive another extention to this message citing that I was in violation of the terms of service of Upwork.

It goes on to state that

**Edited for community guidelines**

I am not even sure who is reviewing all this anymore. Who are reviewing or are they really even understanding what they are reviewing on profiles?  It is so sad and distressful and such a waste of time and energy!


Nowhere on my profile do I suggest or recommend that I am Upwork endorsed. If this pertains to my Keap Certifications - that logo was in Green btw, then people at Upwork need to look carefully. All that is green is not just Upwork 🙂


I have been a user of Upwork for 15 years, am a Top Rated Plus provider, have a 5/5 rating and a 100% satisfaction rate. At the end of the day - I receive a message that you have been moved to Private and will be suspended next.

So Sad!


I send a message back on the ticket and it vanishes in the interface.


Is there some one who is facing similar concerns.


Is there someone at Upwork listening!


Hi Roshni,


I checked your account and it looks like the team has sent you a notification about the project you submitted and has provided more information about what needs to be updated, including tips on how you can update it. The email was sent to the email address associated with your Upwork account. 


As for the ticket that was sent to you, you can access it by logging in to your account and going here

~ Joanne

Hi Joanne,

I am afraid, that not true, cos all I received was a generic email from Upwork's member citing the issue that I mentioned in the post. The initial message on Upwork notification only cited that my project was not accepted with no reasons as to what was the reason for non-acceptance.

The mail I received was after I updated my profile and it falsely assumed that I was using a Upwork backed qualification - which I was not.

Besides, the Project which I had requested approval was neither approved and not visible till that time.

So my simple question is - what was the logic for a profle to be made private when neither the reason was verified nor was the proposal visible? And are these arbitrary actions reviewed at a level within Upwork?

FYI - the link you have provided in the response brings me to only the web version of the email sent to me, and has no interface to either reply or comment.

I am bringing these to your notice as such actions erode my faith in a community which I have been a part of for over 15 years and it pains to see such callous treatment of a member's profile information.  This post is not a personal rant and only to support a recommendation on what can be looked at internally and perhaps tweaked so everyone gets a better experience.

Hi Roshini,


You may access the ticket by logging into your account and following the link I shared with you. To answer your question about projects, yes, they are being reviewed by our team. When you create a project we will first review it before making it visible to clients. Our review includes making sure your project is complete, looks professional, and doesn’t violate our Terms of Service. Note: Please allow up to five business days for your project to be reviewed. To learn more about Project Catalog, click here.

~ Joanne
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